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My loved one died from anesthesia complications during minor surgery. How do I know if I have a Wisconsin wrongful death claim?


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We are very sorry to hear about your loss.

In most cases, anesthesia is perfectly safe. Fewer than 1 in 10,000 people die from anesthesia injury. But, when anesthesia injuries occur they can be devastating and life-threatening. Anesthesia injuries include brain injury, coma, stroke, heart attack, nerve damage, birth injuries, and even death.

Anesthesia error can be a form of medical malpractice. However, not all anesthesia injuries are the result of malpractice. Things can go wrong and people can die even when doctors do their very best. To win a Wisconsin anesthesia injury claim, you must show that the anesthesiologist behaved negligently and that no reasonable health care provider would have done what your loved one’s anesthesiologist did.

Examples of anesthesiologist negligence include:

  • Anesthesia dosage errors
  • Intubation injuries
  • Inadequate patient monitoring
  • Failure to recognize complications
  • Improper administration of oxygen during surgery
  • Drug or alcohol use by a medical provider
  • Communication errors during or after the procedure
  • Dangerously prolonged sedation
  • Defective equipment

The best way to determine if you have valid grounds to file a Wisconsin wrongful death claim is to discuss your case with a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer with medical malpractice experience. The attorney will be able to use his own experience and the expert opinions of medical professionals to determine if the anesthesiologist was behaving negligently and if you have a case.

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