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Do motor carriers have the financial strength to settle a major Wisconsin truck crash claim?

Motor carriers operate most interstate (long haul) tractor-trailers. These trucks are either the property of motor carriers, or leased from owner-operators. In both cases, the motor carriers are required by law to have insurance or other financial guarantees to cover their liability towards third parties, at least for the following amounts:

  • Non-hazardous property: $750,000
  • Hazardous products: $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 depending on the product and method of containment.

In many cases, and especially for non-hazardous property, these limits are not enough to compensate the victims of truck crashes from the motor carriers who are found to be responsible for causing the crash. It is up to your Wisconsin truck accident legal counsel to find out if the motor carrier has the insurance policy and the financial means to pay for the damages they have caused.

This may require a thorough investigation, because motor carriers are often powerful groups composed of many different related companies.

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