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Denture Cream Poisoning Lawsuit | Wisconsin Class Action Attorney

Posted on Aug 19, 2009

We hope that pharmaceutical companies ensure that their products are safe before putting them on the shelves.  However, like thousands of products before them denture creams are now being looked at as dangerous to ones heath.

A young Florida mother is one of many denture cream users that are concerned about its affect on their heath.  Marianne Chapman has been using the denture cream Fixodent for many years.  Two years ago she started noticing some strange and painful symptoms.   

"I woke up and had no feeling in my hands," Chapman said.  

Unfortunately her suffering did not end there.  She is now unable to pick up her children, run, ride a bike or even walk properly.  Other denture cream users have come forward complaining of similar symptoms along with neuropathy, numbness, generalized and localized pain and serious intestinal issues.  

Perhaps not coincidentally most of these symptoms began after using denture creams.  In addition, most are listed as common side effects of zinc poisoning.  

Zinc is in fact found in many denture creams.  Though some zinc in essential to ones health too much can lead to serious and permanent damage.  GlaxoSmithKline and Procter & Gamble are under fire for the use of zinc in their denture creams.  

If you use denture cream and suffer from unexplained symptoms and illnesses please do not hesitate to contact your Wisconsin personal injury lawyers at Hupy & Abraham today.  We are committed to helping the injured get the compensation they deserve.

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