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Attention Iowa Moms—New Study Reveals Possible Risks of Antiepileptic Drugs

As a pregnant woman with epilepsy, you had a lot of hard decisions to make. You had to learn how to balance the treatment and management of your condition with the needs of your unborn child. You needed to control your seizures without creating serious health risks for your child. In order to do that, you needed accurate information from drug manufacturers about the impact of specific medications on fetuses. A new study suggests that you might not have had all of the information that you needed to make an informed decision.

New Study Suggests That Antiepileptic Drugs Impact Early Childhood Development

The new study, published in the medical journal Epilepsia, found that children whose mothers took antiepileptic drugs during pregnancy are at increased risk of suffering the following difficulties in early childhood:

  • Motor problems.
  • Delays in language skills.
  • Issues with social skills.
  • Autistic traits.

Previous studies have linked antiepileptic drugs to autism and birth defects or congenital malformations. The current study looked at a large number of children, some of whom were exposed to antiepileptic drugs during pregnancy and some who were not, at 18 months and 36 months of age. The results of the most recent study suggest that more information is needed on how drugs that are currently used to treat epilepsy during pregnancy impact cognition during early childhood development and on the long term effects of these drugs when a child is exposed in utero.

Call an Iowa Class Action Attorney If Your Child Has Been Hurt

If your child has been hurt by a drug that you took to treat epilepsy during your pregnancy, then your child may be able to join a class action lawsuit and recover damages for the harm that may have been done by the drugs. For more information, we encourage you to contact an experienced drug injury lawyer at 515-984-0091 or 888-807-2752 to schedule an initial consultation.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham

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