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The Dangers of Bedsores for Iowa Nursing Home Residents

Bedsores can endanger the health and life of an Iowa nursing home resident.The wound wasn’t there when you last visited your loved one, but now it is there and it is causing your loved one significant discomfort. As you look at the wound, listen to the description of your loved one’s pain, or learn about her prognosis, you become increasingly worried that it might be a bedsore and that it might cause your loved one significant harm.

What should you do?

First, Recognize the Symptoms of Bedsores

The symptoms of bedsores vary according to what stage the bedsore is when it is diagnosed. You may suspect a bedsore if your loved one…

  • Has skin that is red, otherwise discolored, itchy, spongy, or firm. These could be symptoms of a Stage 1 bedsore.
  • Has an open wound. This could be a sign of a Stage II bedsore.
  • Has a deep wound that goes below the surface skin. This could be a sign of a Stage III bedsore.
  • Has lost a lot of skin and may have damage to the bone, muscle, joints, or tendons below the wound. This could be a sign of a Stage IV bedsore.

Signs of serious and potentially life-threatening infections may also be present.

If you notice any skin problems, then you should raise these concerns with your loved one’s doctor so that an accurate diagnosis, with appropriate bedsore staging, and a suitable treatment plan can be developed.

Then, Understand How Bedsores Develop

While anyone can develop a bedsore, nursing home patients who are unable to change their positions without help are at significant risk for developing bedsores or pressure ulcers. Bedsores typically develop when there is pressure put on the same area of skin for a prolonged period of time. If nursing home staff does not adjust the position of someone who is bedridden or in a wheelchair often then their neglect may result in a dangerous bedsore.

Get Help!

Bedsores require immediate medical attention so that they do not progress or become infected. Accordingly, your first priority should be getting your loved one the necessary medical care. Then, if your loved one suffered a significant bedsore that caused her pain, medical bills, or a lasting injury, then you should find out more about her legal rights so that she can make the financial recovery she deserves for the nursing home neglect she has suffered. Please start a live chat with us today for more information.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham