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Why do unsafe drugs enter the market and hurt Milwaukee patients? Can I recover if I’ve been hurt by medication?

There is no one answer to your question. There may be several different reasons why a drug that is later found to be safe entered the U.S. market with FDA approval. For example, some drugs may:

  • Not have undergone adequate testing.
  • Have side effects that are not known until the drug is used by many people after approval.
  • Become contaminated during the manufacturing process.
  • Lack adequate warnings for physicians and patients.
  • Be otherwise dangerous.

If you have been the victim of an unsafe drug then you, of course, want to know the reason why you are were hurt. You want to understand what happened to you. You also, likely, want to know how you can recover.

The first step in your possible recovery is to contact an experienced Milwaukee class action attorney. If you are part of a class of plaintiffs who have suffered similar injuries from the same medication then you may be able to join a class action lawsuit to protect your rights. By sharing in the expenses of litigation with other similarly situated plaintiffs, you may be able to afford the protection offered by the legal system and you may be able to get the recovery that you deserve and that can help you heal after suffering an injury.

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