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What will it cost me to join a class action case if Actos has caused me to develop bladder cancer?

As you get the medical treatment that you need to treat your bladder cancer, you may have a lot of questions about money. Money may, understandably, be tight right now and you may be worried about what filing or joining an Actos class action case is going to cost you. You may be concerned about the financial impact on your family.

We Don’t Want You to Worry About This

The short answer is that is not going to cost you anything right now. You will not need to pay your lawyer or lay out money for litigation expenses while you case is ongoing. Instead, whatever recovery you make will be reduced by your share of attorneys’ fees and litigation expenses. In other words, joining an Actos bladder cancer lawsuit could only put more money in your pocket. It won’t cost you anything from your own bank account.

There are Costs for Doing Nothing

If you fail to take action within a reasonable amount of time, however, then you may be barred from bringing a case and recovering damages. You may never recover for the income that you can no longer earn in Rockford or the medical care that you paid for in Loves Park.

Don’t take that risk. Instead, learn more about your rights by downloading a FREE copy of our report, Diabetes Medications, Bladder Cancer, and Defective Drug Lawsuits: What You Need to Know About Actos.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham

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