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My child was the victim of a dog bite in Wisconsin. How do I know if I should take my child to be seen by a doctor?

Being bitten by a dog is a very traumatic experience for a child. It can also be quite dangerous. Many children suffer from long-term injuries, disfigurement, scars, and pain as a result of being attacked by a dog.

Any time a child is bitten by a dog, the incident should be taken very seriously. If there is any doubt in your mind about the child’s health, you should seek medical treatment immediately. It is better to err on the safe side to be sure your child is okay.

Following a set of guidelines can help you determine if your child needs to see a doctor after a dog bite. Your child should seek medical attention if:

  • The dog is unknown. If you are unfamiliar with the dog that attacked your child, you should see a doctor. The dog may have rabies, which will mean your child should receive a rabies shot.
  • The wound is deep. Deep wounds can do a lot of damage to tissue and bones. Deep wounds are also more likely to become infected and take longer to heal.
  • The bite is on the face. A dog bite on the face should never be taken lightly. Two-thirds of injuries sustained by child dog bites are to the neck or head areas.
  • The bleeding won’t stop. Bleeding from a wound caused by a dog should be stopped after ten minutes of direct pressure. If you cannot get the bleeding to stop after applying pressure, a doctor should be called.

If you or your child has been bitten, you may be entitled to compensation. To discuss your legal options, contact and experienced Milwaukee dog bite attorney at Hupy and Abraham Call 800-800-5678 today for a free case evaluation.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham