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I feel like I’m playing a game of chicken with the pharmaceutical company and that the company is just waiting for me to back down from my claim. I don’t want to back down. I want to get the recovery that I deserve for the harm their medication has caused me. What should I do?

Your feeling may be accurate. Large companies, such as pharmaceutical companies, may try to pressure victims—directly or indirectly—to abandon their claims or to settle their claims quickly for much less than their claim is worth. Some of these companies trust that an individual victim does not have the financial resources to fight against a well-funded pharmaceutical giant. Accordingly, they may try to make it financially unfeasible for an individual to fight for a fair recovery.

You may not have to play this game, however. Instead, you may be able to file or join a Wisconsin class action lawsuit and combine your efforts and resources with those of other similarly injured victims. Together, you may all have the resources necessary to fight for justice with the help of an experienced Wisconsin class action lawyer.

We encourage you to contact one of our Wisconsin class action attorneys today to find out:

  • If you qualify for a class action case.
  • What the benefits of such a lawsuit may be for you.
  • What actions you need to take to best protect your claim.

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Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham