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How do I know why I suffered severe side effects from a prescription medication? How can I find out who was responsible for my injuries?

It may have taken some time to diagnose what’s wrong with you, but your doctors have determined that your illness or injury was the side effect of a prescription medication that you were taking. You were not made aware of the possible side effects prior to taking the medication, and, after some investigation, you have determined that your doctor didn’t know about the possible side effects either. There was no appropriate warning on the prescription medication.

Thus, your injury from the prescription medication was not your fault. It was not your doctor’s fault. Instead, you may have suffered the side effects from the prescription medication because of the drug manufacturer. Perhaps, the pharmaceutical company failed to warn patients, and their doctors, of risks that the company knew about or should have known about.

An experienced Illinois class action lawyer can investigate your case and determine whether the pharmaceutical company’s actions (or inactions) caused your injury or illness. If there are others like you who have suffered similar injuries from the same drug, then you might be able to file a class action lawsuit and work together to get the recovery that you deserve.

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Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham