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I took oral sodium phosphate to prepare for a colonoscopy and now I suffer from nephropathy. What should I do?

Since you already have a specific diagnosis of nephropathy, you have likely already seen a doctor. It is, of course, important that you keep following your doctor’s orders about how to treat this serious kidney condition. Your doctor may recommend kidney dialysis, a kidney transplant, or other lifesaving treatments.

These Treatments Can Be Expensive

Catastrophic medical events can drive some families into poverty. However, if you know how to protect your rights after oral sodium phosphate causes you to suffer from a serious kidney condition, then you may be able to recover damages to pay not only for your medical treatments but also for your other losses.

You may, for example, be able to file or join a pharmaceutical class action case with other Iowans who have suffered nephropathy from oral sodium phosphate that they took to prepare for medical tests. You may be able to join with others who were hurt by oral sodium phosphate in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, or any other Iowa location, and together you may share the costs of filing a pharmaceutical injury case. Together, you may help each other be able to afford a fair recovery.

The First Steps Toward Your Legal Recovery

To learn more about this legal option, we encourage you to download a free copy of our report, Oral Sodium Phosphate: What You Need to Know About It, and to contact us directly via this website to schedule an initial consultation about your legal rights and possible recovery.

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