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You Can Prevent Wisconsin Chain-Reaction Crashes

A chain-reaction car accident is a car crash that involves several vehicles. Chain-reaction crashes usually occur when there is a car wreck in a high-traffic area. The original accident causes a traffic obstruction that leads to additional crashes. A chain-reaction accident may involve just a few cars or hundreds of vehicles, like the 100-vehicle pile-up that happened on Highway 90 near Madison in 2008.

Some chain-reaction crashes cause only minor injuries, but high-speed Wisconsin highway pile-ups can cause serious injuries, fatalities and extensive property damage. The accident in Madison left two people dead.

We believe that almost every car wreck can be prevented. This is true for Wisconsin chain-reaction accidents. Here are some tips from our Madison car accident lawyers:

  • Avoid tailgating: Wisconsin chain-reaction accidents happen when drivers do not leave enough space to react when the unexpected happens. If you allow one car’s length of space for every ten miles per hour of speed, you will have plenty of room to stop in an emergency.
  • Slow down: In 2002, 50 cars crashed when fog obscured Interstate 43 in Sheboygan County. Ten people died making this the worst chain-reaction accident in Wisconsin history. Like this accident, many chain-reaction crashes occur when there is reduced visibility because of snow, rain, or fog. Reduce your speed when the weather is bad or it is hard to see. This will also give you more time to react.
  • Get off the road: If you are involved in a Wisconsin automobile accident, try to get your car off the road. If you can’t get your car to a safe place, make your car as visible as possible so other cars don’t crash into your vehicle. Turn on your hazard lights. If it’s after dark, turn on your cabin lights.

Wisconsin chain-reaction car crashes can be very confusing. Each driver will have a different story about what happened. You will want to make sure your rights are protected and that you don’t take the blame for an accident that wasn’t your fault. We can help. Contact the Madison accident injury attorneys at Hupy and Abraham. Call 888-277-4879 to schedule a free consultation.

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Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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