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If someone made the wrong decision to drink and drive, causing a fatal accident to a loved one you may be able to file a Wisconsin wrongful death claim.Every Wisconsin drunk driving death is a death that shouldn’t have happened. If you have lost a family member to a drunk driver, you have a right to feel angry about it. It isn’t fair that someone else’s bad decision cost your loved one’s life. It isn’t fair that a reckless action took an important part of your life. It’s not just unfair; it is wrong.

More than anything, you wish you could go back and undo what has happened. That’s impossible, but you can seek accountability. Wisconsin wrongful death lawsuits allow families of DUI victims to seek monetary damages for their loss.

The Milwaukee personal injury attorneys at Hupy and Abraham know that money can’t replace your loved one, but wrongful death lawsuits are often the only avenue for families to obtain justice after a DUI death. If the negligent drunk driver is not required to atone for his actions, then there is nothing to deter other people from following his example. Thus, a wrongful death lawsuit is, to an extent, a social good that reinforces the idea of justice in the community.

Families may seek damages for loss of support, loss of past and future income, and loss of companionship, advice, love and guidance. They may also seek punitive damages. Punitive damages are monetary awards given to those who suffer from a wrongful act. They are not compensation because they are awarded solely as punishment for the wrongdoing.

To learn more about Wisconsin wrongful death claims, contact Hupy and Abraham at 800-800-5678 and ask to schedule a free legal consultation with a Milwaukee personal injury attorney. Remember, the initial consultation is guaranteed to be free, confidential, and without obligation.

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