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Riding a motorcycle in the rain leads to poor vision, poor traction, and poor comfort. These issues can lead to a Wisconsin motorcycle accident.Important Safety Tips For A Safe Ride In Rainy Weather

We don't think there are many Wisconsin riders out there who enjoy riding in rainy weather. They don't always have a choice, as storms can pop up out of nowhere, or their journey can take them to places with darker skies. Riding in pouring rain immediately raises three major issues:

  • Vision
  • Traction
  • Comfort

Vision: There is nothing like rain to convince a rider of the advantages of a full-face helmet. Rain drops hurt your face at 65 mph. A face shield on an open helmet might help but will let water get onto your face and drip down the inside of the shield. A full-face helmet with good ventilation and a coated shield gives you the best vision.

Traction: Many riders dread rain because they are not sure how much grip they have on wet pavement. Some wet surfaces become very slippery, like metal manholes, bridge gratings or railroad tracks, painted areas and places where oil and grease have accumulated. To improve traction, make sure your tires have at least 3/16th tread depth, and inflate your tires up to 5 psi (pounds per square inch) more than you would normally do.

Comfort: The word might be associated with luxury, but comfort in bad weather is absolutely essential. No rider can safely ride in drenched clothes or with numb fingers or feet. When on a long trip, the experienced motorcyclist will always carry a complete set of rainproof gear and warm clothes.

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