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One day, you are laughing and joking with your friend. The next, she is killed by a drunk driver. It’s hard to understand. How could the Madison DUI crash happen? How will life ever be the same? Will there ever be normal again?

Life won’t ever be the same, but it will go on. Coping with your loss won’t be easy, but one day you will feel normal again. Here are some tips to help you get there:

  • Don’t let anyone tell you what you should feel. There is no “normal” way to cope with a sudden tragic loss. Some people will cry and move on. Others will hold their emotions inside for a while. Shock, sadness, disbelief, anger, confusion, guilt, and even denial are normal. Everyone grieves in their own way. Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling.
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol. Dealing with a sudden loss can be overwhelming. You may be tempted to numb the pain with alcohol or drugs. This only offers temporary relief and will keep you from processing your grief in a healthy way.
  • Express yourself. Use art, creative writing, or music to express your feelings. Write a memorial poem, create a scrapbook, or volunteer to honor your friend. This is a healthy way to work through your emotions and pay tribute to your friend.
  • Prepare for “grief triggers.” You won’t ever forget your friend. There will be certain events (her birthday, graduation), places (her locker, the art room) or topics (drunk driving) that will bring her to mind. You may be overwhelmed with emotion. That’s okay. Feel your feelings.
  • It’s okay to ask for help. Sometimes we don’t want to share what we are going through because our friends and family are grieving, too. But talking and remembering can help you get through the grief. If you don’t feel like you can talk to a family member or friend, speak with a guidance counselor, teacher, church leader or other trusted adult.

Learning to live life without your friend is difficult. It is okay to take time to grieve.

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Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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