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The Danger Starts on Day One for Nursing Home Residents

It’s the day that has been nervously anticipated by your family. Today is the day that your loved one is going to move into a nursing home. Your family sees this new living arrangement as a way to keep your loved one safe and to let her live the rest of her life with dignity and peace. However, it can be scary to give up the care of your loved one to strangers.

Be Vigilant on Moving Day

Whether your loved one is making the transition from her home or a hospital to the nursing home, moving day can be filled with potential dangers. If nursing home staff fail to exercise reasonable care and are neglectful in their duties, then your loved one could be at risk of suffering from a:

  • Medication error. Many nursing home residents are on a complex array of medications. It is critical that the correct dose of the correct medication be given at the correct time.
  • Dietary mistake. Some nursing home residents have very specific dietary needs. They may have allergies, certain foods may have negative interactions with their medications, or they may be at risk of choking, for example.
  • Fall. Nursing home residents are at risk of being hurt in fall injuries. Nursing home staff may not have evaluated the resident’s risk and do not yet know the resident’s mobility limitations. Thus, falls may be more likely during the first days of a nursing home stay.

Move-in day may be chaotic, but your loved one still deserves to be cared for and spared the potentially harmful effects of a negligent mistake.

Have you been through this process before? What did you notice about move-in day? What tips would you give others who may be facing a nursing home transition soon? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts with others. Your actions may help keep a new nursing home resident safe.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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