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Why Milwaukee Auto Accident Attorneys Want to Hear Your Secrets

Always tell your wisconsin car accident attorney your secrets, such as, being on the phone at the time of the crash.

Your instinct is, understandably, to present the best case to your Wisconsin car accident attorney. You want your lawyer to fight for your full and just recovery. You may be afraid to share some of your secrets with your lawyer. You may be afraid that those secrets will harm your case and prevent you from recovering damages for your car accident injuries.

Three Secrets Your Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawyer Wants to Hear

While we understand your instinct to keep your secrets close, our Milwaukee auto accident attorneys encourage you to tell us everything that may be relevant to your accident case. It is only with full information that we can adequately represent you and fight for your full recovery. Some of the common secrets that we find our clients hesitant to tell us include:

  • I’ve been in a car accident before.
  • I was on my phone at the time of the crash.
  • I didn’t see the other car before we collided.

‚ÄčOf course, this is not a comprehensive list. The important thing to realize is that none of these statements will automatically mean you won't get a settlement for your case. If you have other things that you feel may harm your case, we encourage you to tell us those as well so that we can adequately prepare your case and get you the recovery that you deserve.

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