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How an Illinois Truck Accident Is Different From a Car Accident

The fear and the pain may be similar at the moment of impact; however, there are important differences between Illinois truck accidents and Illinois car crashes.

Three Differences You Should Know About

It is important to know about the following differences not only because they are interesting, but also because they may have an important impact on your truck accident recovery. Specifically, it is important to know that:

  • Different defendants may be involved in a truck accident case. The defendant in a car accident may be the other driver. However, in a truck accident it may be the other driver, the trucking company, contractors who are responsible for vehicle maintenance or loading, or others who are potentially at fault; any of these may be defendants in the case.
  • Different evidence is important in a truck accident case. As with a car accident, the evidence at the scene of the crash will be important to your recovery. However, in a truck crash case other types of evidence may also be important. This might include records of the number of hours the trucker was driving, the rules and regulations of the trucking company, information about the hiring process of the trucker, and more.
  • Different laws may be involved. The federal government has specific rules, such as the hours of service rules, that apply to truckers but not individual car drivers. Determining whether the truck and trucking company has complied with these rules may be important to your recovery.

Despite these differences, you have a common goal if you’ve been hurt in an accident with any vehicle. That goal is to make a fair recovery. In order to protect your rights, please start a free chat with us today and learn more about the specific steps that you can take to protect yourself and to recover the financial damages that you deserve if you’ve been hurt by a truck in Illinois.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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