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It’s the little things you miss the most, like a quick kiss goodbye or that sneaky littleThe death of a loved one caused by another's actions is difficult. A Wisconsin wrongful death attorney can help you through the process. grin. You hear the phone ring and half expect to hear his voice. You lose yourself in a happy memory that fades with the realization that you won’t be seeing her today.

When you’ve lost a loved one, the pain never quite goes away. Slowly you struggle to move on with life, holding tight to your memories and allowing the pain to fade into a dull ache.

Dealing with death is difficult no matter the circumstances. When you have the added insult of knowing that someone else’s careless actions caused your loved one’s needless pain and wrongful death in Wisconsin, it can be that much harder.

Anger and bitterness pile on top of your grief. You might find yourself frustrated with the slowness of justice and unable to cope with the fact that the other person is still enjoying life.

These feelings are normal, but they can keep you from being able to grieve properly or get the closure you so desperately need.

If that sounds familiar, you might want to talk to a Milwaukee wrongful death attorney who can help you find closure. A wrongful death lawsuit can:

  • Give you a sense of justice finally being done
  • Relieve you and your family of unnecessary financial stress
  • Give you the means to memorialize your loved one in a dignified manner

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Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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