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Bloomington class action lawyers explain why defective drugs and medical devices are sometimes used on patients.As Bloomington defective drug attorneys, we are often asked how and why dangerous or defective drugs and medical equipment are released to the market. Although we trust that the treatments we use for our illnesses will be beneficial, and we trust that FDA approval means safety, sometimes things do go wrong and patients are hurt. Here are some of the possible reasons defective medications and medical devices make it to market:

  • Human error. Unfortunately, people make mistakes. An error may have been made during manufacture or quality control that led to the product’s harmful effects.
  • Hiding negative information. It’s sad, but true; some pharmaceutical and medical device companies may intentionally hide negative information about a product in order to get FDA approval.
  • Pressure to approve a drug or device. Sometimes shortfalls the FDA’s procedures or pressure from drug company lobbyists results in a drug or medical device being rushed to market before it has been properly investigated.

Learn more about defective or dangerous drugs and how you can get involved in pharmaceutical class actions in Illinois by speaking with our experienced Bloomington class action lawyers today at 866-532-4800 or filling out our easy and confidential online contact form. Our skilled Illinois personal injury attorneys would be happy to assist you in choosing the most effective path to compensation for your drug injuries, and we would be happy to support you through each step of these complicated claims. Don’t wait until it’s too late to pursue compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and more. Contact us today!

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