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Earlier this year, the FDA had asked the pharmaceutical companies that manufacturer sleep aids containing zolpidem to lower the dose of the drugs and to provide additional safety information to patients. Zolpidem drugs include popular sleep medications such as Ambien and Ambien CR.

Why a Lower Dose of Ambien?

The FDA has approved a lower dose of Ambien because of concerns that drugs containing zolpidem were causing patients to be too drowsy to drive safely in the morning. In other words, the FDA was trying to curb daytime drowsiness in order to prevent motor vehicle accidents or other problems caused by fatigue. By lowering the nighttime dose of the medication, there should be less of the drug in the person’s system in the morning.

It may be impossible to definitively link Ambien to a drowsy driving risk. However, that does not mean that the risk of this potentially serious side effect is not there. Adverse event reports have been filed. Additionally, driving simulation studies have shown that the previous doses of the drug may have been high enough to cause drowsiness and impaired driving the next day.

Call an Illinois Class Action Lawyer If You’ve Been Hurt by Ambien or Another Medication

If you have been injured by an unknown or unanticipated side effect of Ambien or another drug then you may have the right to recover legal damages. If others have also been hurt then you may be able to join together and form an Illinois class action lawsuit. For more information, we encourage you to contact an experienced Illinois prescription drug injury lawyer today at 309-862-4800 or 866-532-4800.

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