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Several publications have recently claim that the effects of antihistamine use while riding a motorcycle could in fact be worse than drinking alcohol before biking. Being aware of how certain pain and allergy medications could affect your reflexes is vital to being a safe Wisconsin motorcyclist. The following are valuable facts to know about medication and motorcycles: 

  • While drowsiness is one of the most obvious side effects, it is by no means the only danger that can arise from taking medication before riding.
  • The weather could make a difference to how your body reacts to medications. Certain medications can react differently in high temperatures. This is especially dangerous to riders, as people riding a motorcycle wear heavy clothing for safety reasons and do not have access to air conditioning.
  • Even if you don’t see any obvious side effects on the label, it’s still smart to check with your doctor; confusion and slowed response times can occur after taking seemingly harmless headache or allergy medication.
  • If you realize while riding that you are not up to your normal level of alertness, you should pull off the road until your senses feel clearer. That said, if it is impossible to exit the road, do your best to slow down and increase your awareness. Use extreme caution while making turns, and leave extra space between your bike and other vehicles. 

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