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Three Unfiltered Thoughts on Pharmaceutical Class Action Cases

If you have been hurt by a prescription drug and you are considering legal action then you want your lawyer to be honest with you. You want to know what your attorney really thinks about these types of cases before you move forward. You are trusting your lawyer to represent you in what may be one of the most important legal matters of your lifetime, and you deserve to know what your lawyer is really thinking.

What We Really Think About Pharmaceutical Class Action Cases

We believe that pharmaceutical class action cases are necessary to:

  • Hold drug manufacturers accountable for their actions.
  • Encourage safety in the prescription drug market.
  • Compensate victims who have been hurt.

It is for these reasons that we represent people who have been hurt by prescription drugs in Wisconsin.

What We Really Think About Your Case

We haven’t met you yet and we can’t tell you whether we think you have a strong case. We can’t tell you right now whether filing a pharmaceutical class action case is a good idea for you. However, we can offer our honest opinion about your possible case if you contact us directly via this website or by phone to schedule a meeting. We can tell you that if you have been hurt by a prescription drug in Milwaukee, Racine, or Waukesha that we will take your concerns seriously. We will listen to you and help you make the best decision possible. Please contact us today to learn more about what we think about your possible case.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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