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It’s every motorcyclist’s nightmare: having a blowout on the road. You might even see the cause of the blowout and just not have time to avoid it. You feel the lurch, and suddenly it’s hard to control your bike. You start praying—or swearing, and then praying—and do your best to avoid a Gurnee motorcycle crash. Well, let’s get you ready to deal with the situation. 

First, make sure that you have good-quality tires on your motorcycle, and keep them properly inflated. This advice alone will keep your chances of having a blowout to a minimum and, perhaps, reduce the possibility that you will have a Gurnee motorcycle accident. Here is what the Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends you do if your tire does blow out while you’re riding—and you’ll need to act quickly:

  • Do not use your brakes, if possible. If you have to use the brake to avoid a collision, use gradual pressure on the good tire’s brake and pull off the road to a safe area.
  • Let up on the throttle and slow down gradually. If you slow down too quickly, you might throw the bike out of control.
  • Hold tightly to the handlebars even though the bike is shuddering mightily. Just keep the front tire pointed straight ahead.

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