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What You Need to Know if You’ve Been Hurt by Benicar

You took Benicar to control your blood pressure, but what you didn’t know was that it could hurt you in other ways that would be very difficult to recover from. What you didn’t know was that you could develop a condition that would result in significant gastrointestinal problems similar to those suffered by people with celiac disease. You didn’t know that you might suffer from chronic diarrhea and substantial weight loss. You couldn’t have predicted the effect on your health or on your finances.

Unfortunately, Now the Picture Is Clear

You know first-hand how badly you’ve suffered and you need to know what you can do to recover. Some patients who have been hurt by Benicar have filed lawsuits against Daiichi Sankyo, the company that manufactures the drug. These patients claim that Daiichi Sankyo failed to adequately warn them of the danger associated with this prescription drug. Accordingly, they have filed lawsuits to:

  • Recover medical expenses. Your medical expenses could be significant. You may have been hospitalized, you may have required significant testing, and you may have been to the doctor many times.
  • Recover financial losses. Your other financial losses may have also been significant. You may, for example, have been out of work and lost wages due to the side effects of Benicar.
  • Hold Daiichi Sankyo accountable for the harm they have suffered and encourage Daiichi Sankyo, and other drug manufacturers, to be diligent in the future. A settlement or verdict may persuade them to be more careful going forward.

If you have been hurt then you deserve to know more about your rights so that you can make an informed decision about what to do next. Please browse our free videos and read our related online articles to learn more.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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