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To have to replace a hip replacement can cause more than just physically loss. It can also take an emotional toll.When we talk about losses associated with recalled hips and their associated class action lawsuits, we need to discuss not just the financial losses caused by a reoperation.  Though the financial losses, such as medical bills, time away from work and ongoing physical therapy, are great, there are other losses you should be concerned about, possibly even compensated for.    

Emotionally, the stress of worrying about the possibility of reoperation, of the need to take more time off work and endure another lengthy operation, can take its toll on the strongest person.  This worry can take its toll on not only your emotional and mental health but your physical well being as well. 

Physically, the faulty hip could have been causing you pain long before the hip recall was announced.  Reoperation can be difficult, its recovery perhaps far more difficult than the original surgery.

What we want to do, as Wisconsin defective medical device attorneys, is ensure that our class action clients are heard.  That the manufacturer of the defective hip not only pays for their egregious error, but that they are prevented from producing more dangerous products.

If you have a defective hip joint, or have had a defective hip joint replaced, contact an experienced lawyer at Hupy & Abraham today for your free consultation.  While the pharmaceutical industry may be able to ignore one voice, together we will be heard. 

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