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Johnson & Johnson near the faultiness of their metal hip replacements. If you have had one please call your Milwaukee lawyers.

The first of the lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson for problems allegedly related to its metal-on-metal hip implant known as the Articular Surface Replacement, or A.S.R, are now going to trial. As the lawsuits progress, we are learning more and more about what Johnson & Johnson knew and when.

The Articular Surface Replacement Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants were recalled in 2010. However, many patients still have these potentially dangerous implants in their bodies and some of those patients may experience serious complications in the future, according to information recently released in connection with the litigation against Johnson & Johnson.

What Johnson & Johnson Didn’t Tell You

Court records that were recently released indicate that Johnson & Johnson completed an internal analysis of its all metal hip implant devices in 2011 and found that almost 40 percent of the devices would fail within five years. The company’s own data suggests that thousands more patients may suffer from the failure of the metal-on-metal hip replacements within the next few years even if they have not yet had complications since surgery.

What Your Milwaukee Hip Replacement Lawyers Want You to Know

Since you may still be at risk, it is important to get regular checkups with your surgeon and to promptly report any pain or other complications should they occur between routine appointments. You may require further medical care or revision surgery.

You may also require legal assistance. If you have been hurt by a Johnson & Johnson metal hip replacement then we encourage you to contact our Milwaukee lawyers. Hip replacement devices that fail may be painful and even life-threatening. You may be able to get medical care and a financial recovery for your injuries. Please call us today at 1-800-800-5678 or 414-223-4800 for more information.

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