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What Happens When a Pharmaceutical Class Action Case Settles

You’ve just received new that the pharmaceutical class action case that you are part of is going to settle. The case is not going to trial. There will be no public day in court and a Cedar Rapids jury will never hear evidence against the pharmaceutical company. This news may leave you with many questions.

You Deserve Answers

You deserve to know what the settlement will mean for you and what will happen next. Generally, if your case settles then:

  • You will be notified by your lawyer.
  • The expenses, such as legal fees and costs, will be paid out of the settlement money.
  • The rest of the settlement money will be divided among the plaintiffs in the class action.
  • The case will not go to trial.
  • The settlement will likely be binding and it will prevent you from seeking additional damages in the future.

Of course, these answers do not respond to your most pressing question, which is likely about how much you will recover.

For That You Will Need to Call Your Lawyer

You deserve to know how much money you may recover for the bladder cancer caused by your diabetes drug Actos, for the injury that you suffered when your DePuy hip replacement failed you, or for any other injury or illness that you suffered as a result of a prescription drug or medical device. Your lawyer can help you understand what the proposed, or a potential, settlement may be for your injury.

To learn more, please browse our FREE pharmaceutical class action reports on this website or call us directly to have your questions answered.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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