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Keep safe during a possible Green Bay motorcycle wreck by wearing the proper protective clothing.As prices soar, many people are looking for a more economical means of transportation. A great option that many have taken is to ride a motorcycle. With the great summer weather and pretty scenery, motorcycling in Green Bay can also be a very pleasurable means of transportation. And in recent years more and more residents are taking to the streets on their bikes.

With the number of motorcyclists on the rise, so is the number of Wisconsin traffic accidents. Staying safe on the road starts before you ever leave your garage. Some things you can do before enjoying the open road are:

  • Choose the proper attire. Selecting the proper riding gear can help you stay safe on your bike and limit your injuries in case of a crash. Select a helmet that is approved by the U.S. Transportation Department. Wear colors that make you visible to drivers in other vehicles. Wearing leather with padding will reduce your odds of serious injury if an accident does occur.
  • Know the motorcycle. Take the time to get to know your motorcycle. Get the feel for how it accelerates, how it brakes, how it handles at different speeds, and how it takes corners.
  • Keep the bike running well. Keep the bike up-to-date on all scheduled maintenance recommendations. Check oils and fluids before each ride. Check tires for any excessive wear. Ensure lights, blinkers, and brakes are properly working.
  • Get training. There are many courses you can take to strengthen your skills on the motorcycle. This is especially helpful to new riders.

Keeping safe while riding should be your first priority. You should take the necessary steps to ensure that you get off the bike in the same shape you got on.

With so many others on the road with us, accidents do happen. If you have been a victim of a Green Bay motorcycle wreck, contact the Wisconsin personal injury lawyers at Hupy and Abraham today and receive a free consultation. Call 920-593-5050 locally or 800-800-5678 toll-free and ask for a FREE copy of their book, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims.

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