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Using Your Cell Phone After a Gurnee Auto Accident

Technology has come a long way in the past couple decades. Nearly everyone now has some sort of cell phone tucked away in his or her car, purse, or pocket at all times. Although it may be illegal to use your cell phone while driving, it may come in very handy if you are involved in a Gurnee auto accident.

Although you may be an honest person, it does not mean others are as well. Others involved in the accident and the claim following may not know you are an honest person. Because of this, it is important that you take full advantage of your cell phone after the crash to prove that your side of the story is true.

To help build your case, use your cell phone camera to photograph the following:

  • The accident scene. One of the things that is often disputed is who was at fault of the accident. Having photos of the scene of the accident on your cell phone will allow you to prove who was at fault.
  • Injuries. The insurance company is surely going to dispute the extent of your injuries. Taking photos on your phone will document the injuries. It is important to take photos of the initial injury as well as the recovery process.
  • Property damage. Whether the accident caused minor scratches or severe damage to the vehicle, you have the right as a victim to get it fixed. To document the extent of the damage to the vehicle, take photos using your cell phone.

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Jason F. Abraham
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