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An Appleton dog attack has the ability to leave physical and emotional scars. Both of which may be compensated.

For many Wisconsin dog bite victims, the intense pain of an Appleton dog attack is just the beginning of their suffering.

As their external injuries begin to heal, dog bite victims often find that they are left with psychological injuries. Many victims of Wisconsin dog bites feel angry about the dog attack. They may also experience depression, anxiety, nightmares, feelings of helplessness, flashbacks and post-traumatic stress disorder.

A dog bite victim may try to work through her fears. She may discuss her feelings with a counselor. But, of course, it is hard to move on when one is constantly faced with a reminder of the attack.

Scars on the flesh and the scars within

Scar tissue forms as the skin tries to heal. But a scar is more than injured tissue; it is a lasting reminder of the trauma that the dog bite victim experienced. While surgical techniques can reduce scar tissue, most scars can never be completely removed. For a dog bite victim, a scar is a constant reminder of the pain of an Appleton dog bite attack.

Scars are more than reminders. They can also be sources of embarrassment or shame. A scar can make a once outgoing person avoid others. It can eat at one’s self-confidence. It can affect how a person is perceived both socially and at work.

Compensation for all your losses

Wisconsin dog bite victims have the right to pursue compensation for all their injuries—physical and emotional. But how does one put a price on a scar?

When seeking damages after an Appleton dog bite, the lasting impact of the scars should be considered as well as medical bills, property damage and time lost from work. While an Appleton dog bite lawyer cannot truly put a value on your suffering, he can make an estimate of the financial impact that a scar has on your future. To learn more, contact the Wisconsin dog bite attorneys at Hupy and Abraham at (800) 800-5678 .

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