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How to Help Your Child Get Through the Hot Illinois Summer in a Cast


Your child isn’t spending the summer swimming, running, and playing with her friends. While her friends are out enjoying the Rock River Recreation Path, the cool water of Alpine Pool, or boating at the Windsor Lake Activity Center, she is stuck inside her Rockford home with her leg or arm in a cast. She is likely sad, frustrated, and uncomfortable as she recovers from her slip and fall injury, and that can be hard for the whole family.

But There Are Things That You Can Do to Help Your Child

Instead of focusing on what your child can’t do, you may:

  • Organize playdates or parties at your house with activities her friends will also enjoy. A movie night, game night, or craft project, for example, could be a fun summer activity for your child.
  • Plan outings that your child can take part in. Is there a movie she’s been wanting to see, a pretty picnic spot she enjoys, or an out-of-town relative you can visit?
  • Remind your child that this isn’t forever. It can be difficult for a child to understand how long she will be in pain or left out of her favorite activities. Help her focus on the future by planning a special activity for when the cast comes off and by talking about future activities that she can participate in.

Have you had a child in a cast after a serious slip and fall accident? How did you make it better for your child during his or her recovery? Please leave a comment with your tips, and help other parents and kids facing this challenging problem this summer.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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