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If you choose to wear a helmet despite the lack of a Wisconsin helmet law, you are making the choice to triple your chance of surviving a head or neck injury in the event of a Wisconsin motorcycle crash.

  • It is important that the helmet you wear makes your feel comfortable, both physically and mentally, for your ride. The following are things to consider during your motorcycle helmet selection:
  • Wisconsin motorcycle helmets must meet the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) standards, as well as the standards of the state of Wisconsin. If you see a label on a helmet from the Snell Memorial Foundation, that is an added signifier of quality.
  • Your helmet should fit your head well, and be snug enough to not move around or fly off at high speeds.
  • If you are buying a used helmet, be on the lookout for any visible flaws such as cracks, fraying straps, or loose padding. Many safety experts recommend againt purchasing a second-hand helmet.
  • Always keep your helmet fastened and secured while riding your motorcycle. Forgetting to secure your helmet properly could cause your helmet to fall off should you be thrown from your bike in a collision.
  • Have an extra helmet available for any passengers who may be riding with you, and be sure to help them securely fasten their helmet before starting to ride.

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