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Three Tips for Photographing a Milwaukee Car Crash

Being involved in a Milwaukee car accident is a very stressful and traumatic event. With all the chaos and commotion, remembering to do the simplest things may be difficult. For this reason, putting an accident checklist in your glove box will be a great help as a remembering tool.

One of the simple things that you may forget to do is to take photographs of the accident. Many people forget to take photos, even though that evidence can be essential for developing a winning case. After your accident, it is very likely that insurance agencies will be involved. The other driver’s insurance company is surely going to fight against your claims. One of the best ways to prove your side of the story is to show pictures of the accident.

Three things to keep in mind when photographing your Wisconsin car crash are:

  • The camera. The main point of taking pictures is to simply preserve the evidence. It is not important to take pictures for a high-quality photo journal. Since you’re just taking simple pictures, any camera will do. A great idea is to keep a disposable camera in your glove box, or use a cell phone.
  • Focus on detail. It is important to photograph any detail that may be pertinent in proving your side of the case. Take a picture of both vehicles, skid marks, area around the accident, injuries, and damage done to the vehicles and property.
  • Distance. Take a variety of photos. The distances you should focus on are from approximately 5 feet, 10 feet and 20 feet or more away. These distances will allow the insurance agencies and lawyers involved to have a good look at what happened.

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Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
It is also a good idea to photograph the inside of the car, especially if you were thrown around inside the car. You may have hit the steering wheel and broken it, you may have hit the ceiling, or the shift lever. Did you break a window with your head? Did the seat back break and fall backward? Did the seat belt break? or the headrest? The forces involved in even a low speed crash are significant and can do more damage to your body than you think. Having photos of the car can sometimes help your treating doctor understand how your injury happened and can make your treatment more effective.
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