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Minimize the potential risk of a fatal injury to your child by reading a valuable lesson from our Madison wrongful death lawyers.Whether you became a parent today or you are several years into parenting, you likely already recognize that you do not have complete control over what happens to your child. As much as you would like to keep your child safe from all injuries and hurts, it just isn’t possible.

That said, there are some accidents for which you can lower—though not eliminate—the risk of fatal injuries. Our Madison wrongful death lawyers encourage you to take precautions so that your family can be spared the horrible pain and tremendous loss of the death of a child and we encourage you to contact us if your child has died in an accident.

Help Prevent These Three Types of Fatal Accidents

You cannot control the actions of others. However, you can minimize the potential risks of:

  • Defective product deaths. Stay up-to-date on product recalls and take away anything that doesn’t look safe.
  • Car accident deaths. Always have young children in appropriate car seats, encourage safe driving habits for teens, and allow children to ride only with trusted adults.
  • Medical malpractice deaths. Question doctors and seek second opinions if necessary.

Please remember, however, that you may do everything right. You may be diligent and your child may still die. When this happens it is not your fault.

Call an Experienced Madison Wrongful Death Attorney if You’ve Lost a Child in an Accident

As you mourn your child’s loss, it is important to protect other families from similar pain and your family from additional pain. An experienced and empathetic Madison fatal accident lawyer can help you protect your legal rights and hold the person(s) who caused your child’s death responsible for their actions.

Please call our Madison fatal accident law firm today at 608-277-7777 (local) or 888-277-4879 (toll-free) for more information. You will find the staff and attorneys of Hupy and Abraham compassionate and respectful of your loss, and vigorous in our pursuit of your rights under the law.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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