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Three Common Causes of a Vacation Drowning

At last, it’s that time of year again to take that glorious family vacation that you have been waiting all year long to take. Time to leave the cold and gloomy weather behind and enjoy some sun-soaked days of relaxing. After enjoying a great stress-free time, you come home to share your moments with family and loved ones.

While this scenario rings true for many, for others it is quite the opposite. Some leave for vacation but never return home due to a wrongful death. Perhaps you, too, have lost a family member who never returned from vacation. If so, you are surely going through a painful time of confusion, anger, and frustration.

One of the common ways for an individual to fall victim of a wrongful death while on vacation is by drowning. Some of the common causes for a drowning while on vacation are:

  • Swimming pool. For many, a vacation isn’t a vacation without a pool. Kids and adults both enjoy a good swim. When a resort pool is not properly maintained, supervised by a lifeguard, or equipped with proper warning signs, it can be dangerous—and ultimately those hazards can lead to a death.
  • Scuba diving. Scuba diving, when properly taught and supervised, is a great way for a vacationer to discover and enjoy the underwater world. When not properly taught and supervised, it can be a deadly experience.
  • Open water. Whether enjoying the ocean, lake, or river one thing is common: it can be dangerous. A drowning may occur while on a personal watercraft, swimming, boating, or kayaking.

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Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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