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A runoff Milwaukee car accident may be caused by a distracted driver, animals crossing the road, and other vehicles.

It can be a huge surprise as you drive along the road in Milwaukee when you suddenly find yourself parked on the side of the road due to a car accident. Or perhaps you have sharply steered off the road due to an animal running in front of your vehicle.

Accidents like these scenarios are actually quite common. This type of accident is known as a runoff. A runoff accident is any accident that is caused by a vehicle running off the road. Runoff accidents most commonly only involve one vehicle in the accident.

The most common causes for runoff car accidents in Milwaukee are:

  1. Distracted driver. Multitasking has become a very common thing in today’s society. Multitasking while driving is very dangerous and should never be done because of the safety risks. Being distracted while driving often leads to a driver losing control of his vehicle and being involved in a runoff accident.
  2. Animals. Wisconsin is full of animals. Whether the animal is a domesticated pet such as dogs or cats, or a wild animal crossing the street, they can be dangerous to a driver. When a driver swerves to miss an animal in the road, he may easily veer off the road and crash.
  3. Vehicles. Drivers swerving into another lane, cutting off a car, or stomping on the brakes in front of a vehicle can cause the other driver to swerve sharply in order to miss them. When there is not enough room, the vehicle swerving may wind up driving off the road.

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