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Prevent a serious Milwaukee car accident by knowing where your directions and freeway exits.Most people in Wisconsin tend to think of themselves as good drivers, and they are probably right. Yet, when asked about memories of near misses and touch-and-go situations, few would deny that they had made mistakes and errors of judgment at one time or another.

This is because we are all subject to impulsive reactions when we suddenly realize that we are on the wrong track, miss the exit or face a red light. Terrible accidents happen in Wisconsin when drivers change their minds on a whim and change lanes, turn left, stop their vehicle, make a U-turn or drive backwards.

Traffic often moves at a fast pace, all vehicles traveling quite close to each other. As long as everyone follows the same path at a constant speed, there is no problem. As long as drivers slow down progressively, signal their intentions and patiently wait until there is an opening to change lanes or to turn left, everyone stays safe. Chaos is brought about by impulsive and reckless reactions: A dog darts across the road? The right lane moves a lot faster? I forgot to pick up the kids! Menomee Falls is left, not right!

Acting at once on the sudden discovery that something is amiss is a sure recipe for disaster. The experienced driver stays in control, allows himself to accept the mistake, and takes the time to correct it when the opportunity presents itself. What is the point of backing up in a highway to reach exit 12? Take exit 13 and make a loop!

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