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Three Reasons to Take a Selfie at the Accident Scene and Not Post it on Instagram

This isn’t 1972.

You no longer have to find a phone plugged in to a wall to make phone calls and you no longer have to carry a big bulky camera to take pictures. Chances are that you have your cell phone, and therefore your camera, with you if you are involved in a car accident on Lincoln Memorial Drive, the Marquette Interchange, or any other Milwaukee area road.

Now May be the Perfect Time for a Selfie

However, this isn’t the kind of selfie that you are going to want to post on Instagram or Facebook. Instead, you might want to take a selfie at the scene of your accident because:

  • You can document your injuries.
  • You can document the damage around you.

You can use the video feature to record your thoughts immediately after the accident.
The purpose is to record what happened rather than to share with your friends and family. Additionally, while the picture or video may be important, it is often useful to keep information about your accident, injuries and recovery off social media, because anything that you do put on social media may later be used by insurance companies in ways that you did not intend. 

Want More Tips About What to Do After a Car Crash?

The steps that you take immediately after your accident and in the days to come can impact your recovery. Accordingly, we encourage you to read our FREE book, The Ultimate Guide for Car Accident Victims to learn more.

What tips would you give someone who has been hurt on a Milwaukee road? What was the best thing you did after your accident? What was the worst thing? Please leave a comment on this blog and share your thoughts with others. Your advice can make an important difference in someone else’s recovery.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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