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When your child opens her gifts on Christmas morning, you want her to find toys that will bring a smile to her face. You don’t want smile to turn into tears because of a manufacturing defect or dangerous design. You can prevent toy-related injuries this holiday season by choosing toys carefully. Our Milwaukee product liability lawyers have provided ten safety tips to help you shop for toys any time of year.

  1. Pick age-appropriate toys. Most toys have a “recommended age” listed on the package. This can help you determine if toy is appropriate for your child.
  2. Avoid choking hazards. Any toy that fits through a toilet paper tube can pose a choking hazard. Toys that pose a choking hazard are usually recommended for age three and up. Don’t purchase these toys if your child tends to put things in his mouth. Don’t buy balloons. An uninflated balloon can seal a child’s airway, making it impossible to breathe.
  3. Do not buy a toy with a cord that is longer than 12 inches. Long power cords are a strangulation hazard.
  4. Avoid toys with small magnets. If a child swallows two or more magnets, the magnets will move toward each other, causing serious damage to the intestine. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has received numerous reports of serious injuries caused by toy magnets. They recommend keeping toys with small magnets away from kids under the age of 14.
  5. Check labels for safety and age warnings. Follow those warnings.
  6. Read instructions. When possible, check that the instructions before buying the toy to make sure that they are clear and easy to understand.
  7. Look for products that are well-made. Check that all parts are secure and cannot be chewed or snapped off. Look for sharp edges that could cause injury. Do not buy any toy with peeling paint.
  8. Beware of batteries. Batteries are very dangerous to children. Battery compartments on toys for young children should not be accessible to the child.
  9. Check for recalls. You can use the CPSC website to check for recalls of new toys and second-hand toys.
  10. Discard packaging. Packaging can also cause injury. Once a toy package has been opened, throw out the package it came in.

In 2010, toys injured more than 180,000 children. These safety tips can help you ensure that your child’s Christmas gifts are safe.

If your child is injured by a defective toy this holiday season, contact the Milwaukee product liability attorneys at Hupy and Abraham. Our lawyers will investigate your claim and let you know if you have a case. To schedule a free consultation, call 800-800-5678.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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