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Wisconsin motorcycle accidents rise in the spring for a few reasons. One of those reasons is the gravel put on the roads during the winter time to help drivers maneuver.Spring will be here soon, and as the weather warms, local and state police officers expect an increase in Wisconsin motorcycle crash fatalities.

According to our Wisconsin motorcycle lawyers, there are three reasons why fatal motorcycle crashes increase in the spring:

  • Many Wisconsin riders leave their motorcycles in storage during the winter months; after the long break, it can take drivers a while to adjust to sharing the road with motorcycles. When a larger vehicle hits a motorcycle, the rider is often thrown from his bike. He has only his gear to protect him from injury. However, at high speeds, even the best helmet may not be enough. It is no surprise that about 75 percent of motorcycle accidents fatalities involve a second vehicle like a car or truck.
  • The second reason is winter debris on the roadways. The dirt and gravel that helped drivers maneuver icy and snowy winter roads can be dangerous to motorcyclists in the spring. Even a small amount of gravel can cause a motorcyclist to lose control of his bike and crash. Road debris tends to concentrate at corners and intersections, so motorcyclists should especially careful in these areas.
  • Finally, many motorcyclists are unaware that motorcycles require maintenance after winter storage. It is also a good idea to brush up on riding skills before hitting busy roads. Poor vehicle maintenance and rusty skills can both be contributing factors to a fatal Wisconsin motorcycle accident.

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Well explained the reason behind the excessive motorcycles accidents. Avoid such accidents and be safe. Result of accidents is loss of health and money.
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