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Spring is in the air in Wisconsin!  As temperatures across the region rise, flowers bloom, birds sing and riders fire up their engines for the first ride of the season.  For riders, the sight, smell and sound of a motorcycle are as sweet as the fragrance of flowers on a warm spring day.

But, as you prepare for your ride, keep in mind that drivers have had all winter to become lax about keeping an eye out for motorcycles.  This is exactly why Hupy & Abraham, along with ABATE of Wisconsin, have been encouraging drivers to "be aware, motorcycle are everywhere."   

As you hit the highways and byways, please keep in mind that, though cars should always "Watch for Motorcycles," they don't always do so.  Let's help each other spread the word that keeping an eye out for motorcycles saves lives.

If you would like to request a free bumper sticker that encourages drivers to watch for motorcycles, please fill out a contact form by clicking here.

This subject is near and dear to our hearts.  Not only do our lawyers advocate for riders' rights, we ride.  Be safe out there riders!

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