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Know how to spot a potentially dangerous staircase to help prevent a Wisconsin injury claim.Every year, thousands of people slip, trip, and fall on stairs. Stairs are especially dangerous, because a slip on a step can result in a fall of some distance. For this reason, businesses and property owners are required to follow certain guidelines when building stairways. Stairways that don’t meet these criteria may pose a danger to the public.

In this article, our Milwaukee injury lawyers discuss how to recognize a potentially dangerous staircase.

  • Poor lighting makes it difficult to see all the steps. Stairways should be well lit. You should be able to see the edges and risers of each step.
  • There is no tread on the steps. Stairs can get slippery during wet, snowy, or icy weather. Adding tread to steps creates extra traction that can prevent Milwaukee stairway falls. Tread should be installed properly; loose tread can create a tripping hazard.
  • There are loose steps or rails. Many Wisconsin stairway falls are caused by loose or damaged steps or railing. Any damage to steps should be repaired immediately.
  • Stairs don’t meet local and state building codes. You may not be able to recognize if a stairway meets local building codes. This is why it is important to contact a Milwaukee personal injury attorney after a Wisconsin stairway accident. The lawyer will be able to determine if any building codes have been violated and whether you have a Wisconsin injury claim.
  • There are no options for those unable to use stairs. Businesses should offer ramps, or other options for disabled and elderly patrons who are unable to use stairs. A person who is injured because there were no other options available may be able to file a Wisconsin stairway injury claim.

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