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Winter is here, there is no doubt about that.  A recent storm that dropped freezing rain in Milwaukee and across Wisconsin caused multiple car accidents and lead to some rather serious slip and fall accident injuries.  Common injuries associated with a slip and fall include sprained ankles and broken bones.  However, more serious injuries, such as spinal and head injuries often affect slip and fall victims.
The question we must ask ourselves is this:  When is someone held liable for a slip and fall accident on ice? 
Though very often the only person we have to blame is Jack Frost, there are times when a business or homeowner should do more to keep their property free from ice and snow.  It must be shown that the owner, manager or supervisor should have known about the dangerous condition yet did nothing to remedy the situation.  For example, if there has been no snow for a day, yet the entrance or walkway leading into a store is icy and you fall, there is a good chance that the owner knew, or should have known, about the slippery surface.  This may very well constitute a slip and fall lawsuit in Wisconsin.
At Hupy & Abraham we know that slip and fall accidents are no laughing matter.   We have seen too many people seriously injured, suffering from catastrophic head and back injuries, because of the carelessness of a business owner or manager. 
If you have been injured during a slip and fall accident be sure to get proper medical attention right away.  After you have been treated do not hesitate: Contact an experienced, aggressive personal injury attorney at Hupy & Abraham for your free consultation.  The hazards that caused the slip and fall are often cleaned up or remedied shortly after the accident.  Therefore it is crucial that you act now.  1.800.800.5678      

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