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We have all heard the horror stories of dogs attacking and biting innocent victims. We sometimes forget that dogs are animals and can sometimes revert back to their animal instincts. Many times, the owner of the dog is completely taken by surprise when the animal attack happens; she never considered her “precious baby” might bite someone.

The victim of the dog attack may be less surprised. Victims are usually angry and upset, even when no serious damage has been done; but, of course, this outrage will only increase if the attack caused severe injuries or mutilations.

Because we cannot always predict what someone else’s dog will do, it is important to know how to avoid situations that may lead the strange dog to attack. Some of the rules you should follow in order to prevent a dog bite in Milwaukee are:

  • Never invade a dog’s territory. Some dogs can be territorial and defensive of their personal spaces. When dogs feel threatened by an outsider, they may respond by attacking to bite the person invading their territory.
  • Never threaten a dog’s family. Dogs can be very protective of their human owners. When they see someone as a threat to their family, they may act in a manner necessary to defend them.
  • Never threaten the dog. When a dog feels like you are a direct threat to its safety, it may react in defense. Never make a dog feel threatened, even if it is done in a playful manner.

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Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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