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Should Expectant Mothers Wear Seat Belts While Driving in Milwaukee?

There are so many important decisions to make while you are pregnant. What you chose to do with your body is no longer just about you. It can have a profound life and death effect on your unborn child. Accordingly, you want to make the right choices when you are behind the wheel. You want to take the steps necessary to avoid a serious injury to both you and your baby.

Wearing a Seat Belt Is the Right Choice, According to a New Study

A recent study found that pregnant women who were wearing a seat belt during a car accident were less likely to lose their babies than pregnant women who were not wearing a seat belt at the time of a crash. Overall, researchers found that seat belts help protect the life and wellbeing of the mother, which in turn protects the life of the unborn baby.

Sometimes a Seat Belt is Not Enough

You may, or may not, have worn your seat belt when you got behind the wheel. Yet someone else’s bad decision has caused you or your unborn child to be seriously injured in a Milwaukee car accident. If this has happened to you then it is important to understand your rights and possible recovery.

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Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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