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As soon as the dog stops biting, you immediately do what you have to do to tend to your urgent wounds. Your focus is understandably and correctly on your pressing medical needs. It is not the time to think about the possible Illinois dog bite scars that you will suffer from the attack.

Soon, However, It Will Be Time

The time to think about your possible scars is as soon as your urgent medical needs have been met. The actions that you take in the aftermath of the attack and in the days and weeks that follow can have a significant impact on all of the different Illinois dog bite scars that you may suffer. More specifically, your actions could impact:

  • Your physical scars. Prompt medical attention may help minimize future scarring. You can also talk to your doctors about further surgeries or treatments to minimize scarring.
  • Your financial scars. Preserving evidence and talking to a Gurnee dog bite lawyer may important in your fight against financial scars. The efforts that you make now may help protect your legal rights and possible recovery.
  • Your emotional scars. It is important to get help as soon as possible if you are feeling fearful or upset after a dog bite attack.

If, however, you do not take immediate actions to prevent scarring you may still be able to protect yourself in the future. It might not be too late.

Call a Gurnee Dog Bite Lawyer for More Information

For more information about preventing scarring from an Illinois dog bite attack, please contact an experienced Gurnee dog bite attorney today at 847-625-5500 or 866-625-2299 and please download a FREE copy of our Dog Bites Brochure.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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