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Learn the best part of the lane to drive to help avoid a Wisconsin motorcycle crash.riders know that motorcycle crashes in Wisconsin can be devastating and are often caused by negligent or reckless drivers. There is, however, a lot riders can do to keep the risk of accidents to a minimum. When you ride on a highway, for instance, you can position your motorcycle in the center, on the left or on the right side of the lane, because traffic lanes are much wider than your bike. Where should you position your motorcycle on a lane?

Middle of the lane: If you ask a car driver, he will tell you to ride in the middle, because this is where he can best see you in the rearview mirror. From your point of view, it is the worst place to be. Motor engines leak and the middle of the lane is where oil accumulates. If there is a light rain, the oil spreads on top of a thin water layer and becomes particularly dangerous. Manhole covers are also placed at the center of lanes and are slicker than the pavement. Road debris always ends up there, as well as sand when road crews spray sand on oily or icy sections of the road.

Left or right of the lane: When it's raining, it is safer for the motorcyclist to ride in the tracks left by vehicles, squeegeed dry by their tires. In cold weather, the tire tracks are warmer and less susceptible to icing up. If you ride either on the left or on the right side of the lane, you have a better chance to avoid rear-ending a vehicle in front of you; if you can't stop in time, you can swerve to the side of the vehicle. Finally, when you position your bike towards the left or right edge of the lane, drivers of pickup trucks, vans and large trucks can see you in their side rearview mirrors. Having to choose between the left and the right side of the lane, we would recommend the right side, as you ride closer to the road's shoulder or slower lanes and you leave more space for vehicles to pass your motorcycle.

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