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Three Reasons You Can’t Let Your Guard Down in a Nursing Home With Good Reviews

You did a lot of research, you talked to a lot of people, and you made a lot of visits before you choose a nursing home facility for your parent. You picked the nursing home that had the best reviews on the Medicare website and that had no known history of nursing home abuse or negligence complaints.

You Made the Best Decision You Could—But You Still Have to Be Vigilant

Nursing home abuse or neglect can happen at any time and in any facility. For example, a nursing home could suddenly have:

  • Significant staffing changes. Staff turnover is a regular occurrence in the nursing home industry. However, if many new employees join at one time, then new staff may not all be trained on policies and procedures. Similarly, a recent or sudden change in the facility’s administration can cause gaps in appropriate supervision of staff and residents.  As a result, patients may be neglected and hurt.
  • One person who does the wrong thing. All it takes is one person to commit abuse. Thus, it can happen anytime and anywhere—even if there is no history of physical, financial, or emotional abuse in the nursing home.
  • Funding problems. A nursing home that is in financial trouble may have difficulty staffing the facility, cleaning the facility, and attending to the needs of patients in a timely manner. This may result in neglect.

If your loved one is in a Wisconsin nursing home, then we encourage you to continue to be vigilant and to take action quickly if you suspect negligence or abuse that is harming your loved one.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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