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New Scheme Targeting Search Engine Users Exposed

We were very flattered recently to learn that two Milwaukee-area law firms were paying to use the name "Hupy" on an internet search engine sponsored site - possibly they liked our name and reputation better than their own.

A Few Achievements

When you're #1, you have to put up with a lot.

  • Hupy and Abraham has the highest rating of any law firm in Martindale-Hubbell.
  • Attorneys Hupy and Abraham are both certified Civil Trial Specialists by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.
  • Hupy and Abraham was rated Best Personal Injury Law Firm in Milwaukee by Shepherd Express Magazine readers polls released in November 2008 and November 2009.

Every year, we collect 10's of millions of dollars for 1,000's of satisfied clients; we may have the largest personal injury practice in Wisconsin measured by the number of new clients each year.

Search Engine Scheme

We recently discovered that when a search is done under the name "Hupy" - even if using the name of Attorney Hupy's dead father, Judge Wilfred J. Hupy, or his wife's name - the names of two law firms that Hupy is in no way associated with appear as sponsored links at the top of the page or side bar of multiple search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo. They even appear when searching for images of the Hupy family.

When everyday users attempt to search for anything related to the proper name of "Hupy," they are left to wonder if we have joined or merged with another firm, changed the name of the firm, or if Attorney Hupy has retired. None of this has happened.

The second law firm goes even further to use the name "Hupy" in their sponsored advertising. When a user clicks on the word "Hupy," it takes the user to a website that Attorney Hupy is not now and has never been associated with. 

As Attorney Ted Warshafsky said in his television ads, when hiring a personal injury lawyer, "look behind the hype." If you have visited the second firm's website, look for any sign of a "Reputation for Winning." We found no cases that they had won, no million dollar results, and nothing that they have ever done that's legally significant. They do, however, spend a great deal of money on television advertising.

Our Website is  Do not be fooled. 

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